Interactions between the Galapagos Marine Reserve and Tuna Fisheries in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are recognized as a powerful tool for both conservation and fisheries management. It is well established that marine ecosystems benefit from protected areas in terms of higher density, biomass, and species richness of adult and juvenile fishes and invertebrates within the protected area (reserve effect). In terms of fisheries management, MPAs are considered to positively affect fisheries outside the protected area due to spillover of marine organisms across MPA boundaries. In this context, fishing effort often aggregates near MPA boundaries (boundary effect) as a response to MPA implementation.

My interest lies in the interactions between the Galapagos Marine Reserve (GMR) and purse-seine tuna fisheries in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. I am investigating temporal and dynamics using fisheries observer data. By doing so I intend to demonstrate fisheries behavior in relation to the GMR in order to provide information concerning fisheries benefits from MPAs. Further, I am evaluating reserve effects on the protected ecosystem and whether benefits for commercially targeted tuna species can be associated. This will help to effectively evaluate and improve GMR conservation outcomes and spatial fisheries management.

My master project is part of the PhD project “Effects of large Marine Protected Areas on Global Fisheries” by Kristina Boerder. She analyzes how large scale marine protected areas (LSMPAs) influence fisheries activities and fishing pattern. The focus is on global and local fishing fleet behavior in relation to the establishment of LSMPAs.


Andrea Buchholz
Visiting M.Sc. Student
Lund University
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Boris Worm (Dalhousie University)
Kristina Börder (Dalhousie University)
Johan Hollander (Lund University)


Scientific research (In progress)

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Principal Investigator
Boris Worm
Dalhousie University

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