Daniel Boyce
Ph.D. student
Biology Department
Dalhousie University
1355 Oxford St.
PO BOX 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Phone: 902-494-2478
Email: dboyce-replace-dal.ca
Macroecological changes in the open oceans
The goal of my project is to quantify and better understand the patterns and processes which structure open ocean ecosystems. I will use statistical methods to estimate changes in abundance of oceanic species ranging from phytoplankton to apex predatory fishes, as well as to explore the drivers and consequences of any observed changes.

Boyce DG, Lewis MR, Worm B. 2010. Global phytoplankton decline over the past century. Nature. 466: 591-596. doi:10.1038/nature09268.   Paper and Extras

Boyce DG, Tittensor DP, Worm B. 2008. Effects of temperature on global patterns of tuna and billfish richness. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 355: 267-276.